Run an Android Demo Application

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Android Minimum Requirements

  • Support with Arm64-v8a CPU instruction set
  • Support with API level 27 and higher


Run the demo on a real device.

Run the Demo

▶️ Run our Android demo

  1. Unzip the Binah Android SampleApp zip file.
  2. Open Android Studio.
  3. Select File > Open.
  4. Select the unzipped folder demo_app.
  5. Click Open. The demo_app project opens.

  6. Open the file, located under app > java > ai.binah.app_sample

  7. Enter the License Key you received.
  8. Open the Project tab and choose app.
  9. Go to Build, and choose Make Project.

  10. Wait for the project to be built.
    • You might need to install NDK at that point. Please refer here to set up the use of NDK
    • The project was successfully built


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  • where to get apk file to test the accuracy of the app !?