What data does Binah.ai store?

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Data Collection

Binah.ai does not collect nor store any personal data, vital signs, or extracted data (data generated by the SDK).

The personal data, including the vital signs data, is sent by the SDK to the application layer only and is calculated within the device itself.

Binah.ai's SDK points to the Internet to activate the end user's SDK license and only keeps this device's fingerprint for licensing purposes.

The data collected by Binah's licensing service, and for this purpose only, is:

  • Unique Token generated by the SDK
  • Hostname
  • Platform - iOS / Android / Web / Windows
  • Binah's SDK version in use
  • The external IP address of the device
  • Binah's unique License Key
  • Geo / Region / Country codes derived by the external IP address

Within Binah's licensing service, the data above is stored under a secured AWS environment based in Ireland.

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