How to Download the Binaries

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The binaries are stored in ShareFile folders which you can access after you purchase the SDK.

Upon purchasing a license, you will receive an email with a link to the ShareFile folders where you can download Binah's SDK.


The ShareFile folders contains the following:

  • iOS framework and sample application (written in Swift)
  • Android SDK and Android sample application (written in Kotlin and Java)
  • Web SDK sample application
  • Windows SDK and sample application


Download Files From ShareFile

1. Click the link in the email message to open the ShareFile login window

2. Click Forgot Password? to generate a new password


3. Enter your email address. (Use the email address where you received the original email invitation.)



4. Check I'm not a robot, and click Send. A Reset password link is sent to you via email.



5. Click the link, and reset your password.


6. After logging in, you can access the different folders:

Binah SDK - Production
shared folder for all Mobile SDKs - iOS, Android, Flutter and React Native.


Web SDK folder contains the sample app for our mobile Web SDK


 Windows SDK folder contains our Windows SDK and sample app.


7. Download files

    • Individual file download: Right-click on the file, and select Download
    • Download all files simultaneously: Check the Check All box, and click Download.

Documentations (for customers only)


New SDK Notification

Receive a notification by email when a new SDK is uploaded to ShareFile.

  1. Login to ShareFile using your credentials.
  2. Go to the main folder.
  3. Select your notification preference.


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