SDK cameras support

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Which cameras does support? SDK supports devices with integrated cameras, as well as a few USB webcams, such as Logitech BRIO and similar.

The vast majority of integrated cameras in mobile devices are supported, and the ground rule is 30 fps for Android mobile devices, and 60 fps for iOS mobile devices.


External USB webcams support

We researched how our SDK works with external cameras. 

Currently, we require 15 fps and 640x480 resolution as a minimum requirement.

If you need support for external USB webcams, kindly send us the specs of the models you need support to:

  • Camera specs (resolution, model, fps support)
  • Camera spectrum (VGA, IR, NIR)
  • USB cable specs
  • OS spec - in order to process frames we need a CPU to be connected to the camera such as a laptop, box, or any other CPU unit
  • Specs of the connected workstation CPU


IR cameras support

We are in the process of having IR support.

This will be communicated to all of our clients and prospects once launched.

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