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Use your smartphone's camera to measure vital signs such as Heart rate, Blood Pressure, Heart rate Variabilities (HRV), Mental Stress, Oxygen Saturation, Respiration rate, and more.
No skin contact or wearable devices are required, however, you have an option to use a specific Polar device to work with the SDK for continuous monitoring.




Binah.ai developed an advanced set of algorithms, which provide measurements of a person’s vital signs by using a camera, which is based on rPPG (facial measurements).

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Remote Photoplethysmographic imaging is a camera-based solution for contact and non-contact cardiovascular monitoring from a distance. This technology enables monitoring in situations where contact-based devices may be challenging or infeasible, such as ambulatory, sleep, and multi-individual monitoring. 

More information about rPPG can be found at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photoplethysmogram#Remote_ photoplethysmography 

Binah.ai measures the person’s Heart rate, Blood Pressure, Mental Stress, Oxygen Saturation, Respiration rate, Heart rate Variabilities (HRV) and more, by reconstructing the rPPG signal from the Smartphone camera using signal processing, and not by statistical estimations, and without the need to use any additional sensors.



Binah.ai Technology

Binah.ai’s technology was validated by our customers and partners in official clinical trials of more than 800 people and found that our rPPG based HRV is statistically equal to the PPG based HRV using the CoreSense oximeter by Elite HRV. 

By having an accurate HRV, we can calculate a person’s mental stress level by using Baevsky’s research.

We are using Baevsky’s mental stress index to calculate the person’s mental stress into 5 levels (Low, Normal, Mild, High, Extremely high). 



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